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We are a small indie gamedev company based in Latvia. We set big goals and strive to achieve them. We are not making ordinary games. We create art. Ambitious. Bright. True. We are Brightdawn Entertainment.

A Walk in the Woods: VR


Most of humanity lives in urban environments. Some regions of Earth, such as Europe, are almost completely urbanized and the plots of land not affected by man are practically absent. We cannot stop the urbanization, but we can “open a window” into a virtual reality and give everyone an opportunity to stroll through the summer forest. Yes, this is not an alternative to a real walk, but when there is no other option – our app is the best solution to escape from everyday stress and get out into the nature.

There are no monsters to kill, no riddles to solve – it is not that type of game. It is a virtual escape where you can hide from the monotonous daily routine and enjoy the nature. Our project uses the most advanced technologies that allows to create a picture that is as close as possible to reality.

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Wow just wow

...I litterey spent an hour walking around just observing how detailed this game is...... You guys have already surpassed skyrim vr in my opinion, this is nuts!!!! From the trees to the grass to the sky and even the blinding sun(very good job, and is very convincing) you got every detail of how graphics should look down packed to a tee lol...This looks better than Robinson Journey graphics and skyrim vr and medal of honor vr combined...please use this same engine and create a full survival game...and you'll literally have a game well worth AAA game price....Create a full game and i'll be glad to purchase to this..Im blown away wow!!!

- b_mizack

Steam User

I think it's pretty cool

... they must've made it better since the review I read cause it doesn't feel like you're on rails, it has a path to follow but it's not linear you can go here or there, turn, go back or do it again etc. It's pretty relaxing, thankfully the sounds of achievement are heard only once but that aside I have nothing bad to say about it, it's a walk in the woods, there's a cave of some sort, a cabin, a log house to explore I can't wait till they expand it further and add more trails. Wish we could go further in the woods (side to side or climb on rocks) but for the price it's awesome, good job devs .

- Kobe

Steam User

Really well made!

A good combination of performance and realism that makes it run smoothly and look great. I really like the attention to detail in how foliage is distributed and placed. It all feels very natural in a way that is hard to make well. I'm not going to spend hours in this experience, but I'll keep it installed for a while to spend some time in. Very nice and peaceful.

- cshainer

Steam User

I liked it a lot

It seems like there is a story in there. I wanted to figure out where everyone is and what is with the cave. I feel like secret things happen in there. All in all, worth taking the time to download. I really hope they add more!

- Wutimahn

Steam User

A restful, relaxed stroll through the woods

As far as graphics are concerned, unless you're a AAA studio with a million dollar budget, I'd say they are about as good as you can expect at this stage of VR. Some reviews describe it as on rails with no freedom of movement. The newer version gives you freedom to wander at will along the trails, caves and fields though there are fences, downed trees, ect. to keep you within prescribed boundaries. I plan on coming back occasionally to relax.

- Old Flier

Steam User

The Art of War: Card Game


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Q1, 2023


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Q2, 2023

The Art of War: Card Game

We have never been involved in the development of tabletop games before. It all started when the final version of the CD Project’s video game “Gwent: The Witcher Card Game” was released, which was completely different from the beta version.

The nostalgia of forever gone beta-Gwent inspired us to create our own game. We decided to recreate what we really loved in the old Gwent and improve other aspects that were missing in other similar games. Our game was intended to be tabletop, non-collectible and player moves should be easily and quickly calculated by the players themselves without using any additional means. And on top of that, the game should become more social and can be played with more players at the same time than comparable games like Gwent, Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh!

And in the end, we succeeded and “The Art of War: Card Game” was born…

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Code: Nastasia


A world where at sunset everything is plunged into darkness. A world where food is not sold on the shelves of stores. A world where your daily work is only one thing – to survive, no matter what.
Can you avoid becoming another victim of the parasite and together with the other survivors find a cure for a terrible disease?
Code: Nastasia. 2023…

– Coming in 2023  –